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Download a complete, up to date, list of 4,000 UK companies that sponsor skilled migrant workers.

Use the UK Visa Sponsors list to contact 4,000 UK employers who are currently registered with the Home Office to employ migrant workers. The listed is divided into categories to enable you to target specific companies or industries that meet your requirements.


UK Visa Sponsors update the employer list each month to keep the data fresh and current.


Why bother sending your CV to agencies who will put it straight in the bin? Send your CV directly to employers who are known to employ migrants and improve your chances of success.


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Send your CV to 4,000 migrant friendly employers today.

Don't let agencies stop you finding the right job.

FACT. Recruitment agents are not interested in organising your visa.


FACT. When your CV arrives with an agency it will go straight into the deleted items folder if you do not have a work permit in place.


FACT. By sending your CV directly to employers who have taken the time to register themselves with the Home Office and to obtain a licence to employ migrant workers will improve your chances of a successful placement.


Send your CV DIRECT to employers who want to employ migrant workers.

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A complete list of 4,000 UK employers, willing and able to employ migrant workers. Just £4.99.

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